A Sailing & Diving Vacation of a lifetime!

Dean Rabb Expeditions' attentive crew makes it their priority to ensure your ultimate comfort and relaxation. Whether you travel as a fun-loving family, as a single adventurer, with close friends, or as a couple in pursuit of one of your most romantic vacations, we will attend to your every need.

Scuba Diving

Our experienced professional divers take you on beautiful, exciting tours at a variety of locations in warm pristine waters. Come explore the living coral reefs, walls, caverns, and dive along with the area's natural marine life.

Learn to dive! Expand YOur skills

Learn to dive! We provide PADI instruction for Open & Advanced Open Water Certifications. Expand your diving skills by completing Specialty Dive Certifications, such as, Wreck Diver, Deep Diver, Underwater Photography.


Dean Rabb Expeditions has an impressive variety of scuba diving & sailing expeditions. The remote sites and natural beauty are fantastic. We offer dive sites for all levels of divers and to suit all tastes from wreck dives, historical dives, coral reef dives, wall dives and many more.


Come stay aboard our large, luxury yacht and relax in style. With 3 - 14 day liveaboard options, you can enjoy as much diving as you want with no set itineraries and no crowds. Our experienced staff will provide you with the ultimate scuba diving adventure at your own pace.


Learn to sail! Learn aspects of the ship, manning the helm, and sail handling. Live the live of a "jolly-pirate."


From shallow reefs to deep blue vistas, jump in to snorkeling action and see the glory that lies below the surface of the ocean.

Create a venue

Our expeditions are an ideal option for: Corporate executive team-building workshops; Exclusive spiritual retreats; Reunions; Special occasion surprises; Families with children; Couples looking for a unique wedding or anniversary venue. The Yacht Libreterre invites you to create your dream.

About us

Certified Diving & Training

Dean Rabb Expeditions


We've been around since 2005 ... exploring the sea

not a diver . . .

no worries

Let's enjoy sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, hiking, fishing, photo-journaling, bird watching, sunbathing, napping, or reading a good book. You will never be bored. Unplug, kickback and RELAX!

Breathtaking views from the 1300 square-foot deck includes two large trampolines that overhang the water. Imagine yourself stretched out on the trampoline taking in the fresh sea breeze, blue skies and fluttering sails.   There are two-bow seats that extend out over the water. Sitting here you feel as if you are flying across the water with the dolphins swimming under your toes.

What happens when a PADI Course Director and a PADI Master Instructor have a passion to share the wonders of the seas?  They team up, purchase the Yacht Libreterre and create Dean Rabb Expeditions.

In 2005, David Rabb and Dean Perry collaborated to create a truly unique diving and sailing experience aboard a self-contained 48-foot catamaran. No rendezvous diving here! The on-board compressor provides endless tanks of air for diving day and night. The catamaran creates its own water and power, as well.

With each tour, the expedition explores a number of dive sites, remote beaches and exclusive breathtaking locales. Our clients repeatedly return and keep us happily booked with plenty of adventures and fun!!

Imagine the fun!