Dean Rabb Expeditions
A Sailing & Diving Vacation of a lifetime!


OUr clients love us!

What a memorable trip this has been. Great boat and accommodations. The 5-star chef meals were unbelievable! And to be waited on, too! Who could ask for more? The chemistry of all the people was beyond compare. Oh, yes, I guess we went diving, too . . . saw lots of blue water, coral, fish, sharks, turtles, rays, etc. I got lots of good dive time and experience in. Thanks for the GREAT TIME! ~ Deb
I saw the largest schools of fish I’ve ever seen before. I saw sharks, turtles, and a spotted moray. Lots of barracuda! Huge amounts of large fish! Saturday nightlife: Good food, fun people, good music, dancing, rum tasting, tatoos & toe nail painting! What a night! ~ Sue
Dove off the dingy before lunch today. Cool cave, very colorful walls, cool light filtering through. Saw a nurse shark and some lobsters, also a juvenile spotted drummer. Made my 100th dive at 88 feet. ~ Mary
I return year after year to the Libreterre and I think, "This is was wonderful." Today, I developed a serious relationship with a grey angel at 65 feet. It became clear at dinner as we shared a toast that: “We are where we should be. Doing what we should be doing.” ~ Bob

A wonderful trip, indeed. The sea is absolutely beautiful and the sun was quite enjoyable. The cooking was perfect in every way. EXCELLENTE CHEF! It ended up that diving was only a small portion of my experience here, but every dive was “AWEsome!” There seemed to be more time to sun worship and just enjoy the beautiful clear blue water with my husband. Cheers to rum punch! ~ Yvonne
In a detached, landless environment (an almost surreal setting), we witnessed the development of trust and caring that comes with sharing both adventure and relaxation. When this cocoon docks and we go back to our real lives, we will each be richer, deeper, better people due in large part to the sensitivity of our Captain and the unique environment he has created for us here on the Libreterre. And all praise for the chef as well! Bon Voyage – Rev. Dr. Maggie
Two 70 minute dives! We played with turtles, and saw sharks and a spotted eagle ray. This has been the best trip I have ever been on and I am really not ready to go home. ~ Sue
Funny how the expeditions bring people together. A wonderful journey as ALWAYS. Looking forward to a threepeate. ~ Matt
My image at lunch today while eating tacos --- bobbing lazily on the deep blue ocean watching turquoise waves lap at the cliffs of an island while listening to Jimmy Buffet Ballards. Life is good! Can’t ask for any more than this. Great birding! 100th dive complete! Thanks for the CHEERS! ~ Lynn
I got up early to watch the sun come up. The trip is over and I am still trying to figure out how I can stay. It has been one big adventure on this trip. We found a new dive site. The wrecks we dove were GREAT! The food was very, VERY, SUPER good. I loved sailing the Cat! ~ Gary
My first trip on a sail/diving expedition. It was like spending seven days with a large family. A lot of great fun!! The trip of a lifetime!! To all my ‘family’ aboard the Libreterre, have a wonderful journey, our paths will cross again. Thanks! ~ Larry

I LOVE THE LIBRETERRE!! Great yacht, great service, great dives, great EVERYTHING!! See you next year. ~~Cheryl